Video Systems West Palm


Whether you need a single camera at your front door to make sure your child is home from school, or a very extensive video analytics system to detect intruders on your property, we have you covered in West Palm Beach and across the nation.

You might benefit from CCTV in your West Palm home if:

  • You both work
  • You have a liquor cabinet
  • You have areas of the home you keep private
  • You leave for extended periods of time

You can check your home status from your smartphone or any internet-connected computer, allowing you to keep an eye on things no matter where you are.

At your business, you can “be there” remotely:

  • At the restaurant, look in to see how busy the main dining room is
  • At the office, check to see if the office is open on time or locked for the night
  • Watch particular areas or actions to reduce shrinkage
  • At the Clubhouse, who is in the spa or pool area after hours
  • At the gated entrance, who is asking for access to the property

Whatever your needs are, we can assemble a video system in West Palm Beach and beyond.


CCTV & Digital Video Recorders

West Palm video surveillance gives you the power to see exactly what is happening in your home or business. CSI: Palm Beach, located in West Palm Beach, provides CCTV and Digital Video Recorders which are cost-effective alternatives to manpower based security guard and supervisory personnel.

Are you concerned about your employees’ or house staff’s integrity? Even if you have the most reliable personnel, a camera system can help by acting as an effective deterrent to outside forces.

You can check in on your home or business anywhere you have internet access.

E-Guard™ & E-Management™ Services

CSI: Palm Beach, headquartered in West Palm Beach, provides a cost-effective alternative to manpower based security guard and supervisory personnel. E- Guard™ Remote services include night and weekend monitoring of auto and boat dealers, building material and rental equipment yards, car washes, parking and storage facilities.


E-Management™ Remote auditing services provide monitoring for employee productivity, safety practices, customer interaction, cash handling, cleanliness, inventory levels, opening and closing times, and much more. Your business security in West Palm is too important not to protect!

  • Julie ~ Estate Manager, Oceanside Palms
    Palm Beach, FL


    Just to let you know - Brian is GREAT - a super, thorough, very tidy and methodical worker as far as i could tell - and I hope he can be the one to return to install new receiver when it arrives.

  • Mary M.
    Royal Palm Beach, FL

    Dear Julio,

    Thank you for the great job of making sure my home security system worked perfect for me. It was a pleasure having you in my home. You are kind and caring man. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.