Video Systems in south Florida



Video surveillance gives you the power to see exactly what is happening in your business. CSI: Palm Beach provides CCTV and Digital Video Recorders which are cost-effective alternatives to manpower based security guard and supervisory personnel.
Are you concerned about your employees’ integrity? Even if you have the most reliable personnel, a camera system can help by acting as an effective deterrent to outside forces. You can check in on your home or business anywhere you have internet access.

E- Guard™ Remote services include night and weekend monitoring of:

  • Auto and boat dealers
  • Building material
  • Rental equipment yards
  • Car washes
  • Parking and storage facilities
Home control device tablet - Business Security in West Palm Beach, FL

Remote home control system on a digital tablet - Commercial Security in West Palm Beach, FL

E-Management™ Remote auditing services provide:

  • Monitoring for employee productivity
  • Safety practices
  • Customer interaction
  • Cash handling
  • Ceanliness
  • Inventory levels
  • Opening and closing times
  • And much more
Your business security in West Palm is too important not to protect!