Audio and Video Systems West Palm


What does your business sound like?

Are you establishing the right brand?

The right music can make your customers stay longer and buy more.

Does your clubhouse make your members comfortable and happy?

DMX music makes everything better...

Would you like better control over your Audio and Video systems for your next West Palm event or for your business?


CSI: Palm Beach, headquartered in West Palm Beach, can provide a control system to make your life easier.  We provide control systems to route audio and video, combine rooms, route microphones and make music selection easy.

  • Control4
  • Bose Controlspace
  • Sonos
  • FSR

Our professionals can design, install and maintain a system that drops projectors and screens from ceilings, combines music and microphones across several rooms in your club or hotel, distribute whole house audio and video, provide control over your lights, air conditioning and pool. 

All this control and convenience from your home or on your laptop, tablet or smartphone.



Commercial Audio/Video Systems and Business Music

Look to CSI: Palm Beach to be your one-stop-shop for all of your business’s low voltage systems needs. CSI: Palm Beach, located in West Palm Beach, creates a unique experience for your customers and employees with a quality sound system and music.


Flush Mount Ceiling Speaker

This speaker is used in ceilings mounted in drywall or drop tile. Overhead speakers are spaced according to ceiling height and function. We typically use 70 volt systems in our designs.


Surface Mounted Speakers

The compact, full-range 70-volt surface mounted loudspeaker delivers big time sound and worry free performances. Designed for distributed audio applications, this amazing speaker is equally at home as indoor or outdoor background music and paging applications, in both commercial and recreational environments.


Handheld Wireless Microphone

The handheld microphone is a staple in the hospitality, country club and meeting environment. The lack of wires allows much more flexibility to use the microphone in “town meetings” and other functions requiring amplified speech.


Wireless Headworn Microphone

This microphone is normally worn in aerobic rooms and spin cycle classes. The compact, lightweight design is favored by most instructors.


CSI: Palm Beach, headquartered in West Palm Beach, provides all the above audio and video system hardware.

  • Julie ~ Estate Manager, Oceanside Palms
    Palm Beach, FL


    Just to let you know - Brian is GREAT - a super, thorough, very tidy and methodical worker as far as i could tell - and I hope he can be the one to return to install new receiver when it arrives.

  • Mary M.
    Royal Palm Beach, FL

    Dear Julio,

    Thank you for the great job of making sure my home security system worked perfect for me. It was a pleasure having you in my home. You are kind and caring man. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.