Residential Electronic Gates FL


Having residential electronic gates in FL isn't a luxury anymore - it's an important part of a home security system in West Palm Beach. Whether you are trying to regulate who comes and goes at your gate or at the Front door, we have a solution that will fit your needs in West Palm Beach or across the nation.

Gate Entry

We design, install and maintain everything you need to secure the entry to your property. We provide:

  • operators to open the gates
  •  cameras to record the license plates upon entry and exit
  • telephone entry intercom service
  • transponder systems and bar code readers
  • everything you need to secure your entrance


Entry Access Control


Limiting and recording access is a very powerful tool to manage your business or your home in West Palm Beach or across the nation.

Our systems and readers can:

  • limit access to specific areas
  • provide reporting regarding who accessed certain areas
  • assist in opening or closing facilities
  • open and close doors and gates remotely


Gate Entry Systems

Controlling who enters the perimeter of your property is your first line of defense. Access control in West Palm includes hardware systems for gated entrances (manned or un-manned), perimeter intrusion systems for entire subdivisions, estates, airports and municipal facilities and software systems that provide visitor management and keep out unwanted or unauthorized persons. CSI: Palm Beach, located in West Palm Beach, can provide a variety of hardware and software options for Access Control & Gate Entry systems.

Access Control Systems

An access control system is no longer a luxury item. In today’s environment, it is important to know who is entering your home or business in order to protect your family, employees and assets. CSI: Palm Beach, headquartered in West Palm Beach, can design a system with a wide range of options including Access Control & Gate Entry systems to help you control who is entering or exiting your home or business.

  • Julie ~ Estate Manager, Oceanside Palms
    Palm Beach, FL


    Just to let you know - Brian is GREAT - a super, thorough, very tidy and methodical worker as far as i could tell - and I hope he can be the one to return to install new receiver when it arrives.

  • Mary M.
    Royal Palm Beach, FL

    Dear Julio,

    Thank you for the great job of making sure my home security system worked perfect for me. It was a pleasure having you in my home. You are kind and caring man. Thank you for giving me peace of mind.