Access Control Security in south Florida



CSI can help you to keep total access control of who enters your building and when. Instead of a lock and key, we will install an electronic access control on entrances to the building and different areas of the building. All cards assigned to an employee, will be able to be customized to its own settings allowing you to provide different privileges for specific employees.
Time Zones
This will determine when an employee can enter the building and which parts of the building. This can be customized to their work hours ensuring that no one can enter the building outside of the authorized times.
Access Levels
This allows you to setup specific employees to access certain parts of the building. This is important in the case that an employee needs access to their office on the weekends but doesn't give them the freedom to all areas of the building.
Each card will be activated and authorized to the time zones and access levels you set for that specific employee. All actions will be tracked and you can pull a report that allows you to see where that employee was at what time.
In today's environment, it is important to know who is entering your business in order to protect your employees and assets.
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